Ligninolytic Activity of White Rot Fungi from GGV campus as Bioremediation of Organic Pollutants

Sushil Kumar Shahi, Nikki Agrawal


White rot fungi constitute a diverse physiological group are capable of transforming and mineralizing a wide range of organopollutants. The Ligninolytic enzymes of white rot fungi are substrate specific, essential for Lignin degradation and organic pollutant remediation. In the present study white rot fungi were collected from the north region of Chhattisgarh of Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidyalaya (GGV) Campus. 40 species were collected and isolated then Qualitative and Quantitative screening for the Ligninolytic enzyme assaywere carried out. Out of 40 species, 5 species show potent Ligninolytic activity. In future we can utilize these fungi for the degradation of organic pollutants.


Laccase, Lignin peroxidase, Manganese peroxidase, Organopollutants, White rot fungi.

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