New Records of Lichen Taxa from Uttar Pradesh, India

Pooja Gupta, G. P. Sinha


A preliminary survey of lichen diversity in the Terai regions of Uttar Pradesh has been carried out
in Pilibhit district. The investigation revealed, three species viz. Agonimia allobata (Stizenb.) P.
James, Coenogonium aciculatum Lking and Aptroot and Malmidea bakeri (Vain.) Kalb, Rivas
Plata and Lumbsch are new records for India and ten species viz. Arthonia cinnabarina (DC.)
Wallr., Bacidia medialis, Fissurina cingalina (Nyl.) Staiger, Graphis caesiella Vain., G. filiformis
Adaw. and Makhija, G. lineola Ach., G. pyrrhocheiloides Zahlbr., Letrouitia domingensis (Pers.)
Hafellner and Bellem., Mycomicrothelia nonensis (Stirt.) D. Hawksw. and M. thelena (Ach.) D.
Hawksw. are new records for Uttar Pradesh.


Biodiversity, India, Lichen, new records, Pilibhit.

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