Prospects and Challenges in Madhya Pradesh Tourism: With respect to foreign tourists

  • Prakash Khamparia Asst Professor, History Dept , Eklavya Vishwavidyalaya , Damoh , Madhya Pradesh, India
Keywords: Tourism, resource development, eradication, hospitality and infrastructure.


Presently tourism is considered as one of the important economic sector, which drives the growth and development of many states of India. Tourism provides a marketable product, which does not depend on raw materials from outside. This paper analyzes the problems and strategies for tourism and resource development, which hold great potential in the future development of tourism. Hospitality, the foundation upon which Madhya Pradesh tourism is built, is native to Madhya Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh sends the largest number of passengers to almost every corner of the world, but its hosting power is yet to be fully harnessed due to lack of information highway. Madhya Pradesh is also called the heart of India. It offers its travelers a colorful experience filled with pleasant surprises, with special interest destinations like forests and deserts, hills and plains, and lakes, tribal hinterland and a strong rail, road, and air network Poor infrastructure, ineffective marketing and inefficient management of resources ensure that tourists remain in the clear. Not surprisingly, Madhya Pradesh contributes a little over 2% to the country's total tourist traffic, while neighboring Rajasthan's share is 4. % More than. The policies of the government have been introduced to eliminate the problems associated with this, but still it is on paper and a long way has to be traveled to reach its destination. Most of the tourism planning in this area appears to be ad hoc. Hence, it is necessary to move away from such an ad-hoc approach to formulate a definite action plan, clearly charting the future directions.

Research Article