Origin and antiquity of Jainism

  • Sukhdev Bajpai Research Scholar Kirti Sandhelia
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This country has been convinced of the great ideal since the beginning of its history. Here the ideal human being is considered to be the one who establishes the supremacy of the soul and the superiority of the self over the material elements. This ideal has dominated the religious giants of our country for the last four or five millennia. One of these great men of mankind is - Rishabhdev, he has been called Jin, that is, the conqueror. By the continuous process of austerity, restraint, self-purification and wisdom, he uplifted himself and attained the status of a divine person. His example also inspires us to follow that ideal of self-conquest. It is said in Hindu texts that Rishabhdev was born in the fifth generation of Swayambhu. And thus they happened at the end of the first Satya Yuga. Twenty-eight Satyugas have passed so far The elongation of their time can also be estimated from this, so the Arma period of Jainism proves to be very ancient. Here Bal Gangadhar Tilak's view about Jainism is also seen - this religion existed in India before Buddhism. In ancient times innumerable animals were sacrificed. The credit for ending this sacrificial system goes to Jainism.
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