A review of the Dayabhaga in the Gautama Dharma Sutra

  • Barnali Burthakur Asst Prof , Kumar Bhaskar Verma Ancient Study University , Nalbari , Assam , India
Keywords: Gautama Dharma Sutra, Dayabhaga:, Woman’s Wealth.


Within the Kalpa Veda, the Dharma Sutra literature, the Smriti literature, the Purana literature and the Mahabharata have given extensive criticism of the Dayabhaga. Among the subjects described in the Dharma Sutras, the share of inheritance is an important subject. The tenth chapter of the third question of the Gautama Dharma Sutra, compiled by Ācārya Gautama, contains various facts regarding the division of dowries in ancient India. By the term inheritance share means the share of the sons in the father’s property. Whether the father dies or remains, the sons receive his riches, that is, wealth and other things. This paper will discuss what the process of division of property should be like according to the Gautama Dharma Sutra.
Research Article