Assessment of attitude of frontline demonstrators towards kitchen gardening

  • P. S Sharma Assistant Extension Educationist, Directorate of Extension Education, JAU, Junagadh
  • V. K. Dobariya Research Associate, Directorate of Extension Education, JAU, Junagadh
  • V. S. Prajapati Scientist (LPM), Krishi Vigyan Kendra, JAU, Pipalia, Rajkot II
Keywords: Kitchen gardening, nutritional security, attitude, assessment


With the use of a technology called kitchen gardening, we can produce bacteriafree
veggies at home using used utensils, clay flower pots, and empty tins. This exercise not
only helps us save money and time, but it also gives the whole family a fun, healthy, and
environmentally beneficial hobby. In light of this, the current study was carried out to learn
how kitchen gardening affects the beneficiaries' nutritional security. The sample selection for
the present study was taken from the Front-Line Demonstration (FLD) given to 150 numbers
of female beneficiaries from the last three consecutive years i.e., 2017-18 to 2019-20 at
different KVK operational villages. To know its impact on health, an eleven-point attitude
scale which was developed by Anand Agricultural University Anand was used based on
which data was collected and analyzed. Results showed that 44.00% of respondents had only
secondary education, while 46.00% of respondents were in the middle age group. When it
came to the size of their land holdings, 38.67% of respondents had between 1 and 2 ha,
37.33% had between 5 and 6 family members and a medium annual income, and the majority
fell into the untrained category. Attitude towards kitchen gardening implies that the first rank
(WMS=3.69) goes to the attitude that Kitchen Gardening is a constructive approach and
hence it converts leisure time into a productive one. The second rank was given to the attitude
of the beneficiary that it provides the opportunity to get fresh vegetables in all the seasons
with a weighted mean score equal to 3.67. Very least number of respondents agreed with the
statement that kitchen gardening is more hypocrisy than reality and hence scored last rank
(WMS=2.89) in an eleven-point attitude scale towards kitchen gardening.