Evaluation of the status Normalized Difference Vegetation Index Using Sintenal-2 Satellite Data of Sulaymaniyah (Iraq)

  • Mahdi Hadi Mohsen University of Kirkuk –Forestry Department
Keywords: Sulaymaniyah, Evaluation.


The study was conducted on the ground covers in Sulaymaniyah district, northeastern Iraq located between longitudes (45°0'0"E) (45°20'0"E) and latitudes (35°50'0"N) (36°50'0"N), Remote sensing and GIS techniques were used, using Sentinel-2 satellite image data, with a spatial resolution of 10 meters. The results of the study showed that there are six ground covers: (Shrub and Grassland and natural pastures and agricultural areas ranked first, followed by rocky lands and barren lands, sparse vegetation covers, urban areas, dense vegetation cover, which form part of coniferous forests, and water). And in percentages (24%, 22%, 17%, 14%, 10.9% and 10.2%) respectively. Overall accuracy of 86% and Kappa Coefficient 0.82. These results are consistent with the reality of the study area.