Variations in Groundwater Quality under Different Vegetation Types in Delhi, India

Parul Gupta, Kiranmay Sarma


Present work was undertaken to study the groundwater quality and depth under
different vegetated land covers in Delhi viz. protected forest area, trees outside forest and
maintained park. Phytosociology, groundwater quality and depth for each land cover
were studied. Protected forest area has the best groundwater quality as per BIS drinking
water standards. Trees outside forest area reported the worst water quality among all
the land covers with Water Quality Index (WQI) value of 297. Groundwater under
maintained parks was also found in the category of 'very poor' quality according to WQI
value. Water was available at minimum depth of 4.36 m below ground level under trees
outside forest area. While maximum depth is reported from protected forest sites.
Maximum number of tree species is recorded from protected forest area with only seven
species common to all the three land covers. Land cover with maximum groundwater
depth i.e., protected forest area has maximum tree species while trees outside forest area
with groundwater available at least depth has reported minimum number of species.


Groundwater, Park, Protected forest, Trees outside forest, Vegetation, WQI

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