Role of Salicylic Acid in Survival Strategy of Plants under Changing Environment

Pramod K. Singh


In recent years salicylic acid (SA) has been the focus of intensive research due to its
function as an endogenous signal mediating role in defense responses after pathogen
attack. SA antagonizes gene induction by the stress signaling molecule jasmonic acid
(JA). It has also been found that SA plays a role during the plant responses to abiotic
stresses. The discovery of its targets and understanding of its mechanism of the action in
physiological and molecular processes could help in the sustainable plant productivity.
Present report focused on various survival strategies of plants under changing
environment and the role of SA in cross-talk signaling, osmoregulation, anti-oxidative
system and induction of protein kinases under adverse environmental conditions.


Adaptation, Antioxidants, Hormonal cross-talk, Osmoregulation, Protein kinases, Salicylic acid

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