Impact of Employee Satisfaction on Customer Satisfaction: A Review

  • Richa Sharma HR Manager, WEB4EYE Technologies, NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh, India
Keywords: Customer satisfaction, Employee satisfaction, Service sector.


The rapid development in technology and increase in people’s standard of living have brought great challenges to Marketers to serve their customers and put them forward higher requirements for the enthusiastic and satisfied workforce. This paper aims to understand the impact of employee satisfaction on customer satisfaction with particular reference to the service sector in India. This paper presents a review on analyzing the impact of employee satisfaction on customer satisfaction. This paper aims to propose a complete picture of highly impacting employee satisfaction on customer satisfaction and loyalty. The work consists of the analysis of prior research studies concerning service profit chain or employee satisfaction and its outcome on Customer satisfaction and loyalty studied by various researchers. The study’s findings suggested that the private sector providing a positive work environment and support will significantly impact various satisfying employees in the organization and leading in attaining customer satisfaction and thus helps in achieving overall organizational profits.