B Gupta, R Mishra , I Mishra


Oral prolonged release systems are manufactured to release the drug in-vivo with privies to enhance bioavailability, diminish untoward effects and enhance effectiveness of drugs. Microballoons or hollow microspheres are anticipated to persist buoyant in a permanent way upon the gastric ingredients. The various formulations comprise unfilled microspheres, powders, capsules, tablets and laminated films. Micro-balloons are distinctly attaining attention due to their immense significance in the drug targeting to the stomach. These floating micro-balloons have the convenience that they stay buoyant and circulate uniformly over the gastric ingredients to refrain the variations of gastric emptying and release the drug for extended period of time. Multiparticulate particles of low density can efficiently prolong the gastric retention time of drugs. This article provides an insight of fabrication and methods of evaluation of micro-balloons.


Micro-balloons, Preparation, Evaluation, Gastric retention, Bioavailability, Chitosan.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.31069/japsr.v1i2.13060


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