Mind and society have very good and close relations. Society has a certain rules, regulations and customs that are followed by the people by using their mind. Each and every act of the individual can be considered as the cross product of human mind and social environment. Some times people want to do something but their mind stops to do so because such actions may go reverse in the way of social norms, conduct core and environmental demands. So far as the matter of society is concerned it exists to serve individuals- not the other way around. Man is a social animal and always lives in the group/groups directly or indirectly. Therefore, it will be surely fair to say that the relationship between man and society is ultimately one of the profounds of all the quests of social philosophy. It oscillates between cognitive and social values. But many times, it has also been observed that social forces enable/ motivates a person for act or response. It is also true because humans are value based. One can never develop his personality, culture, language and inner deep by living outside the society. He is a social animal by nature because his nature makes him so. Sociability or sense of belongingness is his basic needs. Society fulfills the needs and the relationship between man and society which is bilateral in nature. It is also a fact that man lives in the society for his cognitive, intellectual and personality development and recognition. In other words, we can say that man and society both are interrelated. Keeping these views in consideration we are happy to present, “Mind and Society” for your perusal consideration and appreciation. Mind and Society is a journal which thinks, explores and discusses the relationship and interaction of human mind and social environment. It is a platform where scholars of all fields of social sciences are warmly welcome to submit their deliberations. The journal welcomes the article reviews and empirical papers till date that offer new vision and insight to the researchers of the pertaining fields. We are quite sure that we will regard the senior Excellencies of various fields and feel grateful to incorporate their papers in our forthcoming issues. Also, we will appreciatethe budding talents and try our best to promote them. This is a long journey that can only be possible by the cooperation of you all. We are sure that you all will encourage us. MILES TO GO BEFORE WE SLEEP, MILES TO GO BEFORE WE SLEEP