A Mini Review on Microalgae Biomass Production: Recent Progress in Cultivation Systems

  • ISMAIL RASEL Department of Biotechnology, South Asian University, New Delhi-110021, India
  • SAYDUL KARIM Department of Biotechnology, South Asian University, New Delhi-110021, India
Keywords: Microalgae, Open Pond, PBRs, Algae biomass.


Single-celled photosynthetic microscopic algae (microalgae) have numerous significances for human wellbeing. From medicine to fuel industry these tiny organisms have tremendous potentials and in future they would be game changer to mitigate global warming and environmental pollutions. The current production cost is a matter of consideration during its applications. Scientists all over the world are trying to reduce the production costs as well as to develop new or improve the existing culturing methodologies and techniques. Open pond and closed pond (PBRs) culturing system are two most prominent ways to culture microalgae. Open pond culturing techniques for microalgae have several advantages over closed pond system such as low operational costs and easy to make. However, the main drawback of this system is contamination by other microorganisms, which is possible to control in closed pond system. Among the many types of PBRs systems, the advanced tubular PBRs presently considered as more useful than open pond culture system. To meet the minimum production costs, more research is needed on both the culturing systems.
Research Article