COVID-19 Booster Dose Reactions on Twitter - Unveil The Possibility of Acceptance

  • Harshali Patil MET Institute of Computer Science, Mumbai, India
  • Abhijit Banubakode MET Institute of Computer Science, Mumbai, India
Keywords: Sentiment analysis, COVID-19, booster dosage, NLP, data analysis


Entire world suffered and faced the outburst of Corona Virus in past two years. The pandemic changed almost everybody’s life upside down. The scientist, researchers, medical practitioners, health workers, governing bodies worked day and night to treat and pacify the patients. Invention of vaccine to logistics and distribution was handled globally by different countries and leading authorities. The vaccination helped to control the spread of virus. After two vaccinations when the need of additional dosage (booster) is recommended, then some people come up with their findings and put forth their opinions about the requirement additional dosage where as some were against it. This paper describes in detail the need of opinion mining and sentiments of people about COVID-19 booster dose.


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