Disk Comparison to Achieve a Load-balanced Solution in Azure Cloud Systems

  • S S Kolte Department of Computer Engineering, AISSMSCOE, Pune, India
  • M A Pradhan Department of Computer Engineering, AISSMSCOE, Pune, India
Keywords: Cloud computing, Cloud storage, data replication, load balance, Platform, Applications, Azure.


The main goal of this paper is to know and evaluate how to avail various cloud computing services provided to get the best performance cost-effectively and can be used in load balancing. Load balance plays a crucial role in the information acquiring system’s performance which helps to get maximum results in minimum response time in the education field and in any business environment. Mainly in the situation of cloud storage, the load balance is well done, which brings to the full consumption of computing resources and reduces the response time of distributed operations. Load balancing can be done only when all the storage nodes are in data sync. This paper mainly focuses on cloud Storage types available in Azure VM and their performances to achieve data replication and load balancing.


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