Digital Technology's Application: Using Data Science Access, a Structured Exploration of the Composition for Senior Adults

  • Abhijit Banubakode MET Institute of Computer Science, Mumbai, India
  • Harshali Patil MET Institute of Computer Science, Mumbai, India
  • Sahil Chougule MET Institute of Computer Science, Mumbai, India
Keywords: loneliness of Senior, online medical help, social interaction, digital literacy, use of mobile by elders, social networking use, events, health issues, business ,conflict, online shopping , social networking sites, Facebook, WhatsApp, gain of social media, preference of social media, Senior, social media, senior citizens, online marketing.


In the last few years, social media usage has swept the globe, and the number of users has exploded. From arranging neighbourhood meetings to reconnecting with old friends, social media has helped to make the world a smaller place and brought generations together on a common platform. Social media has changed the way we engage with the world around us, and social media sites are now considered as valuable companions for senior citizens (those aged 60 years and above).It’s crucial to understand how this age group uses social media, as well as the potential benefits and drawbacks of doing so. This chapter provides a structured overview of social media and its use to senior citizens. It also focuses on the senior’s interests and priorities for using specific social media networks. The use of social media by seniors has increased significantly over the years; formerly, it was primarily used by the younger generation. Those who live alone, in particular, are increasingly adopting social media to better connect with the world around them. The pandemic lockdown time has also put pressure on many seniors to learn how to utilise social media platforms to stay in touch with family and friends.


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