Examination of Weld Cladding methods for C.S. and S.S. and their impacts - Review

  • Altafhussain G. Momin Mechanical Engineering L.D C.E, Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India,
  • Bharatlal C. Khatri Mechanical Engineering Government Engineering College, Modasa, Gujarat, India
  • Mrunalkumar C. chaudhari Mechanical Engineering L.D C.E, Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India
  • U. V. Shah Mechanical Engineering G.E.C, Modasa, Gujarat, India,
  • Janak . Valaki Mechanical Engineering G.E.C, Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India
Keywords: Cladding, C.S., Microstructure, S.S, Welding.


The center is about the various properties of C.S. and also S.S. Materials and how it performs under the warmth and learn about its wear, and erosion obstruction. Cladding measure is the holding together of divergent metals so cladding makes another surface layer with unexpected creation in comparison to the base metal. It is additionally used to fix an exhausted segment to reestablish its unique working condition like turbine edge. The outcomes showed that this material has the daringness to adjust the various properties of the warming cycles like welding.


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