Design of Bio-Inspired Optimized Integer And Fractional Pid Controller

  • Tushar . Verma Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering Integral University, Lucknow
  • Syed Hasan Saeed Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering Integral University, Lucknow
Keywords: Bio-inspired optimization method, Fractional and Integer order PID controller, Particle Swarm Optimization method, Ziegler-Nichols tuning method.


The PID controllers are being widely used in almost every real-time engineering problem in accordance with the increasing demand for aquick and consistent response of the system. To justify the performance of PID controllers, a mathematical model of an electric motor is considered in this paper. The complete system is simulated on MATLAB/SIMULINK with an integer and fractional-order PID controller and analyzed in terms of control characteristics. A comparative study of the various closed-loop response of the system is also carried out to compare the performance of an integer and fractional-order PID controller. The controllers used in the system are modern optimized, i.e., the particle swarm optimization technique is used to acquire a more optimized system response. The simple concept of application of integer and fractional-order PID controllers is proposed in this research article. A similar approach can be applied to various real-time problems to obtain optimized results. However, other modern optimization techniques are also available and emerging regularly that can produce a stable and optimized response to satisfy the demand for system stability.


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