To develop and implement Smart Reader for Visually Impaired People

  • Sanjay L. Badjate Department of Electronics and Telecommunication S.B. Jain Institute of Engineering, Technology and Management, Nagpur India.
  • Rajendra M. Rewatkar Department of Biomedical Engineering Faculty of Engineering and Technology DMIMS Sawangi Wardha, India.
Keywords: image processing, OCR, Python, raspberry pi, voice processing, webcam.


Authors have proposed a new device of automatic text reader for visually blind people, which is prepared using Raspberry Pi kit. The primary objective of this paper is to provide a smart reader using raspberry pi for visually challenged people. It is new, capable and cheaper method which enables the client to hear the contents of text images instead of reading through them. This technique combines the awareness of Optical nature Recognition and Text to Speech Synthesizer in Raspberry pi. It is a technique that scans and understands the English alphabets and statistics in the image with the OCR technique and converting to voices. This device introduces the incorporation of an entire Text Read-out system. This device consists of two modules, the image processing module and a voice processing module. The device is made for the conversion of the printed document into a text file by using Raspberry Pi which uses Python programming. Investigational results have exposed the usefulness of the module.


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