Comprehensive Study of User Behavior in Social Media Using Business Process Re-Engineering

Keywords: Blogging, Business processes, Facebook, MySpace, Podcasting, Social media, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia


Business process re-engineering is the representation of a center-business method of measuring designed to improve product returns, quality, or decreasing expenditures. It usually involves investigate organizational processes, finding inferior or wasteful measures, and identifying techniques to disposing or changing them. As of late online media has gotten universal and essential for social systems administration and substance sharing. Online media have reached a step in which its impact is believed by larger connections nowadays. The organizations have had a vital role to play in rethinking their current economic initiatives and planning new business cycles in globalized marketplaces. Our paper discusses topics such as how web-based media shape market cycles and why they take proactive steps in modern companies. An organization's progress relies on the successful performance of its expected results. These market initiatives are also being contemplated whilst a few aspects are being prepared. The internet media promotes a mixture of individuals from separate places to exchange substances, which acts as an essential and critical feature in the characterization of market measures. Business measures through online media are a unique pattern for the present organizations. As web-based media, a rich pool of data through the successful use of modern systems is created. Businesses will profit immensely from online media and this analysis region is also limited by the field of information technology. Our paper is a little focused on the research carried out in the province.


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