The Emergence of MQL with vegetable oil with as a green manufacturing technique: A Review

  • Nilesh Chandrabhan Ghuge MatoshriCollege of Engineering and Research Centre,Nashik
  • Dattatraya D Palande MatoshriCollege of Engineering and Research Centre,Nashik
Keywords: Cutting fluids, MQL, Machining, Vegetable Oil, Edible Oil, Non Edible Oil


For every manufacturing industry, product rejection is not tolerable. Due to rejection, material cost, labor cost increases and thus affects the productivity. Cutting fluids are used to minimize the harmful effects on tool and work piece due to high temperature and poor surface finish. Cutting fluids are used as lubricating and cooling agent. In most of the developing countries, small-scale industry uses conventional flood lubrication systems due to financial constraint, which result into higher exposure to harmful chemicals as well as environmental problems. Arising health issues, strict government norms leads to development of new way to reduce or eliminate the toxic cutting fluid. In this review paper, three approaches considered while surveying the literature, Hazardous effects of the cutting fluids, comparison of dry, flood and MQL cutting, and performance of the cutting fluids prepared using vegetable oil.  It is found that vegetable oil with minimum quantity lubrication under different machining condition gives better performance and reduced health hazardous.


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