Various Technology options of 'Application' of CCS on large coal-fired unit – A Rationale

  • Ravi Kumar Singh Pippal Vedica Institute of Technology, RKDF University, Bhopal
  • Vinod Krishna Sethi RKDF University, Bhopal
Keywords: Bio-Diesel, CCS, CO2, Coal-fired, Fossil Fuel.


Even though India has made great strides in expanding installed capacity from 1713.0 Megawatt in 1950 to be over 3,79.130 MW in March 2021, renewable energies provide 24.50% with a maximum capacity of over 91,154.0 MW. These contributions do have a high social and environmental effect on the people in rural and remote areas and our commitments to fighting climate change. Alternative energy sources for mega energy production, including such photovoltaic mega power under mission mode, solar thermal and solar panels, green energy techniques, CCTs, i.e., supercritical power plants, Incorporated Gasifying Combined Cycle (IGCC), and fluidization bed combustion (FBC), are important to the achievement of India's Green Power Mission. CCS (Carbon Capture and Sequestration) is a cutting-edge green power technique.


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