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The Psychological Impact of Brand Advertisement on Face Book Users with Media Convergence – A Semiotic Approach

Priya Handa, Ruhi Lal


The study has explored the rising psychological changes with the media convergence of
television and Facebook and significance of a positive approach to deal with hierarchical
conduct of employee in any company. The study investigates the brand advertisement
showcasing balance of personal and professional life in the relationship of wife and husband
at same work place. The study focused on semiotic approach to analyze the advertisement
of Airtel India emphasizing on social roles of women in the society and its impact on the
users of Facebook. The researcher analyzed the hegemony in the commercial and promotion
of advertisement on public platform as face book to know the impact on consumer towards
the commercial. Initially television is used as a medium the commercial was also released
through Facebook with a strong brand communication strategy. The findings revealed that
the observational information shared on Facebook affirms a portion of positive hierarchical
conduct, that concentrates on the enticing urge in the consumers / users to aspire, visualize,
share the views about the commercial with emotions on the face book page showcasing
positive consumer psychology.


Advertisement, Consumer psychology, hierarchical conduct, Brand communication strategies, Hegemony, Facebook.

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