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Influence of Advertisements and Promotional Activities of Fast Moving Consumer Goods on Youth

Zakia Tasmin Rahman, Swati Bute, Devesh Kishore


The research was conducted to study the FMCG product market in terms of youth. Rising
income and growing youth population have been key growth drivers of the sector. Brand
consciousness has also added demand.With a population already in excess of 1 billion people,
India has attracted multinational corporations across the globe as a place of opportunity for
exploring new markets. The underlying aim of the research is to study the effect of
advertisements and promotional activities on youth. The youth get influenced by media
advertisements. Through media they are exposed to various brands that are available in the
market. The various products’ brands which include lifestyle brands like fashion, food and
beverages, health, travel, gadgets, relationships, pets, automobiles, etc are part of advertising
and promotions. It is found out from the study that young adults from the age group of 18
to 35 years are influenced by the advertisements and promotional activities on various
brands that media provides. They feel it enhancestheir living standard which also helps in
developing their confidence level. The youth need information and they get it through the
advertisements and promotional activities in various media. That makes them aware of the
existence of various brands and the attributes of the products under various brands. It
becomes easier for the youth in decision making.


Youth, advertising, promotions, media

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