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Factors Influencing Growth of Rural Entrepreneurship in Tripura: A Socio – Economic Perspective

Rajesh Chatterjee, Debarshi Mukherjee, Gorky Chakraborty, Amit Kr. Deb


Entrepreneurship for Indian society is not a new concept; the belief of entrepreneurship is a
part of its tradition. India has been a rich entrepreneurial society, its animal spirit remained
suppressed for long time due to the preponderance of the public sector, but now it has
become the dominant and emerging sector primarily due to development of skills and new
innovations. Traditionally entrepreneurship has been associated with particular community.
However, with changing times and rapid rise of knowledge, a new group of entrepreneurs are
emerging who are generating employment opportunities and wealth generation. It is
noteworthy that the spread of entrepreneurship is not only limited to the urban areas but
have also become a rural phenomenon in India. The rural entrepreneurs are the key drivers for
employment generation and wealth creation in villages as well. Rural entrepreneurship has
become the backbone for the development in these areas along with the programmes for
poverty alleviation and employment generation. The estimated current population of India is
1.29 billion where 65 percent of this population is under the age of 35 years. In India,
multiple initiatives have been undertaken by the union government since 1952 to promote a
rural entrepreneurship but no significant changes have been made in the socio-economic life
of rural entrepreneur; which indicates other factors are responsible for the growth of rural
entrepreneurship. This research study is an endeavor in search of those factors which has
influence on the entrepreneurship growth of rural Indian villages. This study has been
conducted in rural villages of the state Tripura situated in North-eastern part of India.


Entrepreneur, Rural entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Growth, Factors of growth.

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