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A Web-Based DSS for the Selection, Implementation and Evaluation of ERP Systems

Pallavi Jain, Jai Kishore Tyagi, Rohit Kumar


The Enterprise Resource Planning System is a huge and complex information system that
enables the whole organization to operate, collaborate and coordinate its activities through
the use of a single data repository. It is expensive to procure and takes a long time to
implement. As such, organizations are extremely cautious before making the decision on ERP
implementation. Once ERP is implemented, organizations need to continuously monitor its
performance and its alignment with the organizations strategic objectives. In this paper we
describe our work on the development of a web-based Decision Support System (DSS) that
can help organizations to evaluate the success of their ERP implementation and measure the
benefits obtained. The challenge of developing the tool lies in determining the criteria for an
ERP implementation to be successful, identifying measurements of ERP benefits and
ascertaining productivity indicators. To acquire all these yardsticks and measures we had to
conduct a survey, case studies and interviews. Finally, all the findings were incorporated in
the web-based DSS tool and we called this web based system, SEEBAS.


Benefits, DSS, ERP implementation, evaluation, productivity.

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