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Big Data: Technologies, Challenges, Data Analytics and Management: A Review

Shweta Kaushik


Internet assumes an essential part in giving different learning sources to the world, which
encourages numerous applications to give quality support of the customers. As the years go
on the web is over-burden with parcel of data and it turns out to be difficult to extricate the
applicable data from the web. This offers path to the advancement of the Big Data and the
volume of the information continues expanding quickly step by step. Enormous Data has
increased much consideration from the scholarly world and the IT business. In the advanced
and figuring world, data is produced and gathered at a rate that quickly surpasses the limit go.
Data mining procedures are utilized to locate the concealed data from the huge information.
This Technique is utilized store, oversee, and investigate high speed of information and this
information can be in any shape organized or unstructured frame. It is hard to handle substantial
volume of information utilizing information base strategy like RDBMS. From one perspective,
Big Data is amazingly important to deliver efficiency in organizations and transformative
achievements in logical controls, which give us a considerable measure of chances to make
incredible advances in many fields. There is most likely the future rivalries in business
profitability and advances will without a doubt merge into the Big Data investigations. Then
again, Big Data likewise emerges with many difficulties, for example, troubles in information
catch, information stockpiling, information investigation and information perception. In this
paper we concentrate on the audit of Big Data, its information order techniques and the way
it can be mined utilizing different mining strategies.


Analytics, Big Data, Hadoop, HDFS, Map Reduce, Privacy, Security, Technologies.

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