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Media and Elections: An Overview and Its Importance

Anamika Srivastava


The election has always been the prominent feature of a nation. It’s a remarkable process to
choose a leader or a party to whom or which public want to see at the position of power. It’s
a medium of indirect communication and the voice of democratic nation. It’s a medium
through which mass speaks out. Election provides ways to the citizens to choose their
representatives which based on the policies of state to adapt and follow in governance. On
the other hand, Media is the most effective and influential tool for disseminating information.
It provides its availability in every convenient manner. The media plays an indispensable role
in the proper functioning of a democracy. During elections, Media have the various roles in
scrutinizing the electoral process itself, electoral management, in order to evaluate the fairness
of the process, its efficiency, and its probity. Media enables the full public participation. The
paper looks into the very implementation part of Media during election. It deeply looks into
the role of Media in keeping abreast to the citizens and raising awareness. The paper also
looks the discussion of the media’s functions within electoral contexts, watchdog role and
educating voters on how to exercise their democratic rights.


Democracy, Election, Media, participation

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