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Game Changing Role of Animation and VFX in Indian Cinema

Dharmendra Kumar, Aman Vats


Indian cinema has come a long way from silent era to sound, colour, masala movies and
animated movies. In 1896, Lumiere Brothers screened their short films at Watson Hotel of
Bombay. It was the first time when Indian audience watched the movie. Since then Indian
cinema has gone through several changes and adopted latest technology.This holds more true
for the last century were huge technological advancement has taken place. Today, production
process of a film is completely changed. Films are produced at rapid speed with the use of
latest film making technology. Indian films producedwith low budget and older technology
are competing with their expensive and technologically advanced foreign counterparts. Indian
cinema has continuously evolved in over last 100 years and reinvented itself to meet the
latest challenges. This has given hope to the budding film makers. The study focuses on
adaptation of animation and visual effects contributing to Indian Cinema narrative
combininglive motion picture with computer generated imagery.


Animation, Computer Generated Imagery, Indian Cinema,Visual Effects

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