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Spiritual Quotient: A Significant Predictor of Teaching Effectiveness

Dr. Poonam Khurana, Mr. Miklesh Prasad Yadav, Ms. Deepika Varshney


All human beings are virtue by God as they get controlling mind and an attitude towards something with the help of which they can experience spirituality. People have different psychological thoughts and beliefs relating to god. Some people feel the immense pleasure in performing religious activities while some believe in the thought "Ahem Brahmasmi" i.e I am part of the divine and they feel pleasure in activities which motivate them to achieve peace. Religion in psychology is considered as a specific fundamental set of beliefs, thoughts and practices generally agreed and controlled by a number of person. It is the psychology of a person which commands their mind in deciding at which path they can attain the eternal feelings of the universe and accordingly they will develop their behavior towards religion and spirituality. Keeping the same in mind, the present study is based much on literature and a brief analysis of 50 teachers in Delhi and NCR collegesandmakes an attempt to study the relationship of spiritual quotient and effective teaching and suggest spiritual quotient as a considerablepredictor to make the workplace accessible.


Spiritual quotient, teaching effectiveness.

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