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Impact of U.K Business Culture in India

Dr. Mahua Dutta, Ms. Seema Pundir


Business culture plays a vital role in any organization especially in multinational and international companies. It is important to learn the importance and impact of business culture on the culture of host country's organizations. Thus the present study aims at analyzing the impact of cultural dimensions of U.K Multinational's corporations on the business culture of India. The objectives of the study include 1)how are the various cultural dimensions of Hofstede's model impact on companies working in India 2) how business culture of U.K affects the business culture of India 3) analyze the cultural changes. The current research is completely based on the primary data collected from the company on the basis of five dimensions of Hofstede's model. Factor analysis has been used to meet the objective of the research. Interpretation and conclusion are based on the data analysis.


Business Culture/ Hofstede's cultural dimensions, organization culture, Multinational corporations.

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