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Studies on Performance Evaluation of Homeopathic Treatment for Essential Hypertension using Principle Component Analysis

A. C. Mondal, Sumanta Ray, Kaberi Dey, A. Neogi


Hypertension is one of the common diseases among people all over the world. Clinical Medicine Hypertension is mainly of two types-Essential Hypertension and Secondary or Systemic Hypertension. Here, we are working with Essential Hypertension. There are more than 200 remedies found under the rubric Hypertension in the latest homeopathic repertory but all of them are not equally important. Even some of them are not well, proved. drugs. For this reason we have chosen some most important polychrest (most commonly used broad spectrum homeopathic remedies) as well as the medicines that have effective role in controlling Hypertension in daily practice. In this paper, we will develop a computational model that retrieve more important and less important symptoms to assess a Hypertension patient. We also rank the medicines, used for Essential Hypertension as per importance by using Principal Component Analysis.


Hypertension, Materia medica, Remedies, Important Symptoms, Blood Pressure.

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