SAMRIDDHI : A Journal of Physical Sciences, Engineering and Technology

SAMRIDDHI-A Journal of Physical Sciences, Engineering and Technology (S-JPSET) is a scholarly open access / print version, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, bi-yearly and fully refereed journal focusing on theories, methods and applications in Engineering and Technology. S-JPSET covers all areas of Engineering and Technology, publishing refereed original research articles and technical notes. S-JPSET reviews papers within approximately three months, of submission and publishes accepted articles on the internet immediately upon receiving the final versions.

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This journal is mainly establish to promote the Hindi language to the worldwide. It Published research manuscripts/thesis/book reviews priority is given mainly to Hindi Language. This journal is a new invention from the Learning Community Association and New Delhi Publishers to promote the Hindi language which is now rarely seen to communicate.

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SMS Journal of Enterpreneurship and Innovation


Indexed with : Crossref, MRJ 



SMS Journal of Enterpreneurship and Innovation
Publisher : School of Management Sciences, Varanasi


Editor-in-Cheif : Prof. P.N. Jha, Director,SMS, Varanasi 

Dr. Raj Kumar Singh
Professor & Chairperson-CEISD, SMS, Varanasi

Dr. Pallavi Pathak,

Assistant Professor, SMS, Varanasi

Mr. Kartikeya Singh
Assistant Professor, SMS, Varanasi
Subscription & Dispatch
Mr. Ashish Tiwari
Assistant Professor, SMS, Varanasi

No. of Issues Per Year : 2   |   Frequency: Bi-annual
Print ISSN: 2349-7920   |   Online ISSN: 



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Social Work Chronicle

Social Work Chronicle, as the name of the journal denotes - this peer-reviewed bi-annual will always have a prime focus to explore the emerging issues and challenges in the sphere social work education and practices across the globe with an aim to strengthen the base of Social Work literature and to enrich the scope of social work research and practice. Social Work Chronicle is a literary endeavor to raise voices on behalf of the weaker and deprived sections of the society by focusing majorly on research-based contribution on different social and welfare issues which explore the grassroot-dynamics of different developmental initiatives across the globe and thus represents a consortium for pro-people policies. The ethos of the journal will lie in its inter-disciplinary approach as the journal envisions to percolate through disciplines of social work, women’s studies, sociology, political science, economics, population studies, economics, development studies, education, rural development etc. It will bring to light kaleidoscopic views and thoughts of academicians, social workers, development professionals, research scholars and policy-makers from all quarters. The journal aspires to produce literature and references for developmental research by providing guidelines to the policy-makers for better program design and implementation in the sphere social policies and social welfare initiatives across the globe through its literary contribution. Last but not the least, the journal intends to encourage and assist young research scholars, faculties, development professionals and civil society members to promote their literary contributions – so that ‘young mind’ and ‘Gen-Next Thinking’ can be explored for the benefit of human society and in the context of sustainable human development.

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The Editorial Board of ‘Sri JNPG College Revelation- A journal Populor Science’ feels extreme pleasure in bringing out second issue of this popular science magazine. Science is not merely a bunch of rules and laws confined strictly to a segregated branch of knowledge. Scientific outcomes are windows to the reality. According to the famous physicist Richard Feynman, “Science is a long history of learning how not to fool ourselves”. To keep a check on the fundamental tendencies of people’s minds, to give a candid view of reality, it is pertinent to interfuse the scientific genre with the other branches of learning. The availability of scientific innovations to all sections of society must be as vehemently advocated as the right of a common man to the fulfillment of his basic needs. Through this popular science journal, an effort is made in this direction to start a communication channel between the scientific community and outside world.

In its encounter with nature, mankind is mesmerized by its subtlety, magnificence and elusive beauty. The inquisitive human nature never imparts him the bliss of oblivion as is enjoyed by the other creatures. Sages shun earthly comforts to scale the heights of Himalayas in search of the “TRUTH”, truth about our own existence, truth about creation of cosmos and above all raison d’ętre (reason for being). Prostration in front of spiritual gurus, meditation, and visiting religious places manifest the desire of human being to come vis-ŕ-vis with this truth and search meaning of our being. Spirituality brings the self closer to the truth of life. Out of many ways leading to the truth of this creation, science is one of them. Science, apart from a branch of knowledge, is a way of thinking, a pursuit of understanding the cause that has created us.

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SRMS Journal of Computer Science and Information System


SRMS Journal ofComputer Science & Information System

Publisher : Department of Computer Science & EngineeringShri Ram Murti Smarak College of Engineering,Technology and Research , Bareilly - 243202 (U.P) INDIA
Editor in Chief : Professor Anand Kumar Srivasatava, Principal Engineering,Technology and Research, Ram Murti Puram, 13 Km. Bareilly-Nainital Road, Bareilly - 243202 (U.P.)
No. of Issues Per Year : 2| Frequency: Bi-Annual

Print ISSN: Applied
Online ISSN: Applied
RNI - Applied

Indexed with : 

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SRMS Journal of Mathmetical Science


SRMS Journal of Mathematical Sciences

Publisher : Department of Mathematics Shri Ram Murti Smarak College of Engineering & Technology Bareilly - 243202 (U.P) INDIA
Editor-in-Cheif :Prof. Prabhakar Gupta, (SRMS College of Engg.& Technology, Bareilly, India)Email:
No. of Issues Per Year : 1   |   Frequency: Annual
Print ISSN: 2394-725X
Indexed with :Crossref, MRJ, J-Gate, 

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SRMS Journal of Medical Science

Publisher : Shri Ram Murti Smarak Institute of Medical Sciences
Editor in Chief : Professor Piyush Kumar , India
No. of Issues Per Year : 2  |   Frequency: Half-Yearly

Print ISSN: 2456-1673
Online ISSN: 2455-9652
RNI - UPENG04205

Indexed with : Crossref

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