In vitro propagation of some important medicinal and ornamental Dendrobiums (Orchidaceae): A review

  • Ashok N. Pyati Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory, Department of PG Botany, Maharani’s Science College for Women, Mysore-570 005, Karnataka, India.
Keywords: Dendrobium, In vitro, orchids, plant growth regulators, propagation


Dendrobiums are highly valued in the floriculture industry and have important medicinal properties used in preparing herbal medicines in different parts of the world. Numerous anthropogenic factors are leading to the rapid loss of natural stands of germplasm. Plant tissue culture, specifically in vitro propagation, may be the only viable solution for preserving and reintroducing Rare Endangered Threatened (RET) back into the wild. An efficient protocol for in vitro seed germination and propagation through various explants of Dendrobiums was established. The protocols developed will help alleviate the pressure on the natural population under stress but also help meet its demands in pharmaceutical and ornamental industries and form the basis for conservation. A perusal of available literature reveals that micropropagation has been achieved using immature or mature seeds/embryos, protocorms, shoot tips, TLCs, leaf explants, pseudobulbs and nodal segments in Dendrobiums. This review provides a short synopsis of the advances made thus far in the in vitro propagation of ornamental and medicinal Dendrobiums.